Visual Genes

Visual genes will determine the unique visual appearance and looks of a player. This includes visual attributes, such as tattoos, hairstyle, and facial traits of the player. Visual genes are used to create the in-game 3D character, as well as the artwork for player cards. A 2D version will also be created as a unique profile picture (PFP) version that can be used on social media. Besides the visual genes that are set and cannot be changed, users can customize the visual appearance of their players by using different cosmetics. Cosmetics can be earned from rewards and are fully tradeable in the marketplace.
The height and weight will not be determined by visual genes, but rather by the performance gene for physicality. This is necessary to keep the real-life connection, but also for stats like jumping-reach and strength to make sense since those are based on that real-life player’s body type. The strong foot of a player will be based on the performance gene for shooting, to keep the real-life relatability intact.