Retired Players

To counteract that any efforts go to waste and that players lose all their value when they retire, all retired players are stored in the club. Retired players can be used forever, but there is one caveat: only a limited amount of retired players can be used in a squad for the official game modes. Special tournaments with customized rules might allow more or fewer retired players in a squad. The reason why we choose to implement a limitation for the number of retired players allowed in the official game modes is twofold:
  1. 1.
    Keeping a constant demand for new players to allow earning and maintain the game's longevity. If we would allow squads full of retired players, the demand for new players would be severely compromised and would lessen every year. By requiring a majority of active players for all squads, we ensure that new players entering the game are always relevant.
  2. 2.
    Allowing the best players in the game to maintain their value after retirement. If no retired players were allowed to be used, the problem would instead be the opposite, where all players would lose their value over time when they close in on retirement. This would discourage people from buying good players on the market due to value loss over time. With the current structure, desirable players can be used forever and will therefore maintain their value. For less desirable retired players, there will be specific player exchange tasks (PETs) with retired player requirements to ensure a base value for all retired players. We anticipate that a minority of all players entering the game will reach their retirement since many will be submitted into desirable PETs during their active careers.
We believe that this structure provides utility both to active players, as well as retired players, whilst still maintaining the ability to grind the main game modes without having to face super teams full of retired players. Even if only a limited amount of retired players can be used in official game modes, there is no limit to how many retired players a user can store in their club.