Player Exchange Tasks (PETs)

PETs in SOCCER VS are tasks for which users can submit a number of players after meeting a set of specific squad requirements and receive a reward in return. PETs will be a viable tool for keeping player inflation in check while simultaneously providing fresh and engaging content for users on a regular basis. PETs can also be used to give a specific set of players base value. For example, since only a limited number of retired players can be used in a squad for official game modes, poor retired players not filling those spots are likely to have a very low value post-retirement. Hence, lucrative PETs with retired player requirements can be implemented to increase the base value of retired players and smoothen the value loss of non-elite players post-retirement.
1. PETs could be a potential loophole to get better first-owner players by submitting players that have been bought on the market, hence introducing an indirect pay-to-win aspect to the first-owner teams. To avoid this, there will be specific PETs that can only be completed with first-owner players to ensure that no pay-to-win aspect is introduced for first-owner players. PETs that can be completed with traded players will have players classified as “market players” as rewards and cannot be used in first-owner squads.