Aging System

If a user can keep all players forever and just work on developing them each day, eventually, they are going to build a super team and have a low incentive to keep improving their squad. In a scenario like this, the market would be flooded with good players after a while, leading to a very low value for the majority of players. From our experience, the most exciting time in other football games is usually in the early stages of the yearly cycle, when squad-building incentives are high and there are constant opportunities for upgrades. Therefore, we will implement an aging system that will strive to keep the game’s balance and longevity intact while also challenging the user to make good decisions during a player’s career.
We believe that the aging system, aside from securing the game’s longevity, forces users to build new teams and go through different cycles, which is very similar to what every real football club has to go through. How fast aging will happen in terms of real-life time is yet to be decided.