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Soccer Vs ("Soccer VS", "We", "Us", or "Our") create original and memorable experiences for players to enjoy through Soccer Vs' software, games, games services, and digital content, as well as all Soccer Vs' related websites, forums, chat rooms, accounts, apps, and any other services Soccer Vs provide and any other materials included with the software (the "Product").
Soccer Vs collect your personal data (the "Data") so that you can benefit from the Product and in order for Soccer Vs to provide you with customer support. This privacy policy (the "Policy") is designed to help you understand how Soccer Vs collect, use, and retain your Data and to inform you of your rights and how to exercise them. Additionally, Soccer Vs use cookies on Soccer Vs' website (the "Cookies"). Please see applicable Sections of this Policy and Soccer Vs' cookie policy (the "Cookie Policy") for more information about the Cookies Soccer Vs use.
Soccer Vs value your privacy. It is therefore very important to Soccer Vs that you understand this Policy and how and why Soccer Vs process your Data. Please do not hesitate to contact Soccer Vs should you have any questions.
Data is all information that identifies you, either directly, for example, your last name, first name, email address or telephone number, or indirectly, for example your account ID, IP address, cookie identifier or game data. Processing of Data is a reference to what Soccer Vs do with your Data, for example collection, use, structuring, storing, and erasure of Data. For more information about the Data that Soccer Vs collect, see Section 5 below.
The age at which minors can create a Soccer Vs Account or have access to some of the Product depends on the Data protection laws of each country. For more information, please see the section on the access for and terms specific to minors in end user license agreement (the "Agreement") of the Product.
Please note that this Policy describes the processing activities undertaken by Soccer Vs in Soccer Vs' capacity as data controller only. A data controller is essentially the company who is responsible for your Data. Soccer Vs have detailed the processing activities that Soccer Vs are responsible for below in Section 5. Please see the table below for some examples of Data in each category.
Category of Data
Examples of Data
Name and contact information
Your name and email address.
Device information
Your device type, operating system, IP address, language settings, browser settings and information about how you interact with the Product.
Information provided in free-text fields
Information you submit to Soccer Vs via free text fields when You will be processed by Soccer Vs. Soccer Vs encourage You to always be cautious when providing Soccer Vs information via free text fields, as information given to via free text fields may be processed automatically and that Soccer Vs therefore will not be able to identify incorrect information or sensitive personal data you may have submitted by accident
User statistics
Game data and statistics Data associated with bugs and malfunctions. Login and browsing Data Information concerning the user's browser and operating system.
Consumer relation administration information
Image and audio Console identifier and Product registered on users' Soccer Vs Account


Unless the law specifies a different retention period, Soccer Vs will only keep your Data for the time strictly necessary to carry out the operations for which said Data has been collected by Soccer Vs.
For example, Soccer Vs will keep the Data associated with your Soccer Vs Account until the termination of the Soccer Vs Account. In some cases, the Data may be kept for a longer period such as when it is needed for Soccer Vs to apply a sanction.
For your convenience, Soccer Vs have listed all of Soccer Vs' retention periods in the table below, see Section 5.
Soccer Vs may collect Data in various situations. Below is examples of situations where Soccer Vs may collect user Data.
  1. 1.
You Create a Soccer Vs Account Soccer Vs collect your user name, password, and email address. Some items of Data, such as your user name, are made public to allow your community to find you in the Product. When you create your Soccer Vs account ("Soccer Vs Account"), you can manage your Account via your Account's management page.
  1. 1.
You Use Soccer Vs' Product on a Personal Computer Soccer Vs collect your game data, to improve your experience and the security of the Product such as achieved game levels, rewards, rankings, completed game missions, statistics including the game time or the use of the various features as well as the Data associated with any bugs and malfunctions. Soccer Vs collect your login and browsing Data, to enable the operation and security of Soccer Vs' Product, such as: visited pages, identifier of your device and the connection (IP address, MAC address), login dates and times, information concerning the browser and the operating system you use. Soccer Vs use various types of technologies such as Cookies to collect such categories of Data when you use Soccer Vs' Product or visit a third party site where Soccer Vs and Soccer Vs'partners provide content or carry out content use analysis. Soccer Vs allow some of Soccer Vs'partners to set and access their Cookies on your device. These partners' use of Cookies is subject to their own privacy policies and not this Policy. To refuse Cookies or request their deletion as well as obtain the list of partners who are permitted to store and/or access these Cookies, please see the Cookies page. You can also adjust your browser settings to understand when these Cookies are stored on your device or to disable the Cookies by consulting your browser's “Help” menu. Please note that these settings may affect your ability to access certain features of the Product whenever these Cookies are needed for the operation of the Product.
  1. 1.
You Contact Soccer Vs via the Soccer Vs Customer Support If you contact Soccer Vs' customer support, Soccer Vs collect Data such as your last name, first name, user name, email address, and the Product registered on your Soccer Vs Account, depending on your questions or requests.
  1. 1.
In Order to Comply with Legal Requirements Your Data may be processed in order for Soccer Vs to be able to comply with legal requirements, Data is necessary for Soccer Vs to be able to comply with mandatory legal obligations.
  1. 1.
You Do Not Comply With the Rules of the Game When you use the Product, Soccer Vs ask that you comply with the terms and conditions applicable to the Product and the codes of conduct associated with the Product that are intended to protect Soccer Vs' users, employees, and more generally, Soccer Vs' rights. If you do not abide by these rules, you may be sanctioned including in the event of inappropriate conduct, cheating or toxic behaviour. Soccer Vs will keep your Data for the time needed to apply these sanctions. This Data may include for example your Soccer Vs Account identifier, your game data, your IP address, the identifier of your device and your chat history. Soccer Vs' legitimate interest is based on Soccer Vs' need to investigating suspicious activity and/or that of a third party to investigate suspicious activity is considered.
Soccer Vs may process your Data on the basis of different legal grounds and store your Data for different periods of time and for various purposes. For your convenience, Soccer Vs have summarized these grounds, time periods, and purposes in the table below.


Soccer Vs will always ensure that third parties can provide sufficient guarantees in protecting your Data before Soccer Vs share any of your Data. Soccer Vs have listed the categories of third parties with whom Soccer Vs may share your Data below.
Soccer Vs may share your Data with the following entities:
Soccer Vs Subsidiaries Involved in the Administration of the Product and Technical Service Providers Involved in the Supply of the Product In order to provide, and for the sole purpose of providing, Soccer Vs' services and the Product to you, Soccer Vs may need to share your Data with certain carefully selected suppliers and contractors. Such suppliers and contractors could be consultants or providers of legal, technical, IT support/functions, and storage providers (such as cloud storage) as well as involved with delivery and/or promotion of the Product, and bulwarks to act against inappropriate conduct, cheating and toxic behavior. They will only process your Data based on Soccer Vs' instructions to them, and Soccer Vs will always ensure that the necessary agreements (for example so-called data processing agreements) are in place to protect your Data at all times. Such technical service providers cannot act independently and have no right to share Data. These technical service providers and subsidiaries include providers of cloud services used to run backend API and game servers, message queuing systems, collect telemetry, and storage of game and user date. The legal ground is Soccer Vs' legitimate interest in conducting Soccer Vs' business by accessing these services and functions, which Soccer Vs have determined outweighs your interest not to have your Data processed for this purpose.
Mergers and Acquisitions Soccer Vs may need to share your Data for the purposes of selling Soccer Vs, or all or parts of Soccer Vs' assets, to a potential buyer who wishes to acquire the same, or if Soccer Vs are otherwise subject to a merger with another company. The legal ground is Soccer Vs' legitimate interest to complete such transactions, which Soccer Vs have determined outweighs your interest no to have your Data processed for this purpose.
Public Authorities and Governmental Entities Soccer Vs may share your Data with public authorities when required by law to do so. The legal ground is to comply with a legal obligation.
As a main rule, Soccer Vs will only process your Data within the European Union and the European Economic Area (jointly, the "EU/EEA"). In some situations, for example when the services and functionalities Soccer Vs need are provided outside of the EU/EEA, Soccer Vs may need to transfer your Data outside of the EU/EEA.
Regardless of whether your Data is processed within or outside the EU/EEA, Soccer Vs will at all times ensure that the same level of technical and organisational measures are in place to protect your Data. Should Soccer Vs transfer your Data outside of the EU/EEA, Soccer Vs will take additional appropriate measures to safeguard your Data, which may as a main rue include one of the following measures:
Transfer of Data only to countries that, according to the European Commission, provide an adequate level of protection. This means that those countries offer a similar level of protection as is provided under the GDPR in the EU/EEA.
Soccer Vs will enter into standard contractual clauses adopted by the European Commission with the recipient of your Data. This means that the recipient is required to comply with the same level of protection as is provided under the GDPR in the EU/EEA.
In addition to the above measure, Soccer Vs will always seek to take any additional security measures that Soccer Vs deem necessary and appropriate in order to safeguard your Data at all times.
For information on as to how you may opt out of the sharing of your Data, please see Section 9 below.
Soccer Vs use Cookies and other similar technologies to provide the Product to Soccer Vs' users. For more information, please see applicable Sections in this Policy and Soccer Vs' Cookie Policy.
You have rights with regards to your Data. Please read this Section 9 to understand them, as well as how you can exercise them. You are always welcome to contact Soccer Vs if you need more information about your rights. You can also read more about your rights on the Swedish Authority for Privacy Protection's ("IMY") website.
If and when Soccer Vs process your Data, you have certain rights. Below is a list of these rights, what they mean to you, and how you may exercise them.
Right to Information
You have the right to be informed about how Soccer Vs process your Data. Soccer Vs respect this right by being transparent with you in Soccer Vs' communication and on Soccer Vs' website, and providing you with the information in this Policy.
Right of Access
You have the right to obtain a confirmation from Soccer Vs as to whether or not Soccer Vs process your Data, you also have the right to obtain access to the Data by requesting a copy showing which Data Soccer Vs have about you, and how Soccer Vs use it. Please note that Soccer Vs may ask for additional information in order to identify you to ensure that Data is disclosed to the correct individual.
Right to Rectification
You have the right to request that Soccer Vs correct inaccurate information about you, as well as to complete any incomplete information.
Right of Erasure
You sometimes have the right to request the erasure of Data that concerns you. Soccer Vs are required to eras the Data in question, for example if the Data is no longer necessary in relation to the purpose for which the Data was initially collected. Please note that Soccer Vs are not obligated to delete your Data if it is necessary to retain it in order to comply with legal obligations, or for the establishment, exercise, or deference of legal claims.
Right to Restriction of Processing
You have the right to request that Soccer Vs restrict Soccer Vs' processing of your Data if you for example believe that the information new have about you is inaccurate, Soccer Vs' processing unlawful, or that Soccer Vs no longer need the information for the purposes for which they were collected.
Right to Object
You have the right to object to Soccer Vs' processing of your Data if Soccer Vs' processing is based In a legitimate interest. You always have the right to object to Soccer Vs' processing of your Data for direct marketing purposes.
Right to Data Portability
You have the right to request a copy of the Data in a machine-readable format that concerns you and which Soccer Vs process to perform a contract or based on tour consent. You can then have such Data transmitted to a different data controller.
Right to Withdraw Consent
You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. If you have questions related to a specific processing activity or wish to withdraw your consent, please write to Soccer Vs on via the contact information provided in Section 12 below.
Right to Lodge a Complaint
If you have any complaints about the way in which Soccer Vs process your Data, you are always welcome to contact Us. You also have the right to lodge a complaint to a supervisory authority, via the contact details provided in Section 12 below.
Soccer Vs reserve the right to introduce updates and make amendments to this Policy. This is necessary to ensure that Soccer Vs have the ability to constantly improve Soccer Vs' services to you and to introduce new functionalities. Soccer Vs may also be required to make changes to the way in which Soccer Vs process your Data pursuant to applicable laws or a decision by public authority or court of law. Soccer Vs will inform you of the material updates and, if Soccer Vs make changes to the Policy, change the "Last updated" date at the top of this Policy, and recommend that you consult this Policy on a regular basis or contact Soccer Vs if you have any questions. Using Soccer Vs' Product following such a change means that you accept any changes made to this Policy.
Soccer Vs take the protection of Data seriously. Soccer Vs have reasonable and appropriate technical and organisational measures in place throughout Soccer Vs' business to ensure that your Data is safeguarded and protected against loss, destruction, abuse, unauthorized access, and disclosure at all times.
Our employees work under strict confidentiality and follow clear instructions as to how to manage your Data in accordance with applicable data protection laws and Soccer Vs' own policies. Soccer Vs only grant employee access to your Data when It is necessary in order for them to perform their duties.
Soccer Vs continuously evaluate Soccer Vs' security measures to remedy any vulnerabilities Soccer Vs may identify in an effort to make sure that your Data is safe with us. Please note that, although Soccer Vs strive towards maintaining a reasonable level of security for Data, no security system can prevent all potential security violations.
If you have any questions about this document or Soccer Vs' processing of your Data, or if you want to exercise your rights following on the above, please contact Soccer Vs' data protection officer through any of the means listed below. Soccer Vs shall, no later than one month after having received your request to exercise your rights, inform you about the steps undertaken in relation to your request, unless this one-month period is extended by Soccer Vs. The one-month period may be extended, if need be, by an additional two months. Soccer Vs shall inform you about such extension no later than one month after having received your request as well as motivate why such extension is necessary.
  1. 1.
Electronically Email: [email protected]
For any other questions, including questions relating to the hacking of your Soccer Vs Account, a problem with online payment, or the use of Soccer Vs' Product, please contact Soccer Vs' Customer Support.
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