Soccer Vs Club

When a user logs in to Soccer Vs for the first time, they will be invited to create their very own club. Users will be walked through the fundamentals of managing the club when it is being created. All clubs will be unique and have different players, cosmetics, stadiums, celebrations, and more. Once the club has been created, it is time to start building your Soccer Vs legacy. By playing different types of game modes, ranging from casual to competitive and individual to co-op, users will earn rewards to help them improve their club. Managing and developing a club will challenge users with regard to player transfers, Player Exchange Tasks (PETs), squad management, roles and tactics, facilities, game performance, and more. Some of the assets a club can own are:
Unique one-of-a-kind players that are exclusive for your club (will be discussed separately in the next chapter).
The purpose of cosmetic items is to make players’ visual appearances even more unique and tailored to the user. This will include shirts, shorts, shoes, socks, and more.
Users have been playing in the same-looking stadiums for decades. We want to offer some unique-looking backgrounds that differ from typical-looking stadiums in order to further enhance the visual user experience and offer variety within each game in which users participate. The possibility of playing in classic stadiums will be maintained, while providing the opportunity to play in amazing backgrounds, not necessarily associated with football pitches. We aspire to always provide good lighting in all stadiums and pitches, and the visual backgrounds will not affect gameplay in any way.
Every single moment that happens on the pitch matters. Whether it is a beautiful goal, a last-ditch goal-saving tackle, a fantastic save, or even a funny in-game moment. Our aim is to give the users in Soccer Vs a possibility to save their most memorable moments in the game as highlights, fully tradeable in the marketplace.
Users should always have the possibility to express their feelings through an abundance of different celebrations in game, some more unique than others. However, we believe that celebrations should not be too long or too toxic.
Trophies in Soccer Vs are provided to users who have successfully won a league or tournament. Trophies can be used purely as a show-off of your success in the game but will also be used to grant access to certain leagues, tournaments, and organizations. For example, a specific trophy will be required to participate in the professional players’ association, where experienced players will have a say in how the esports scene is developed.