Joining a Team

Apart from running their own club, users can also join and represent a team. Teams are made up of a number of users, and users’ individual assets can be combined to participate in team-based game modes. Any user can create their own team or join an already existing one. A user can be part of only one team at the same time. We expect teams to be made up of everything from small groups of friends to big franchises and esports organizations. By enabling users to join a team, we hope to further enhance the social experience in the game and add an exciting element to the esports scene, in which any team can try to reach the top and compete for grand prizes.
Successful teams with a big following in our game can become verified franchises, which will have access to additional features with regard to fan engagement, team structure, rewards distribution, etc. To our knowledge, having verified teams within the game is something that has never been done before in any other game. Fans have always wanted to be a part of their favorite team but have never had the ability to do so in a video game until now. However, users need to choose wisely which franchise to follow, as they can only be a fan of one franchise at a time, due to our plans to reward fans based on franchise performance.