User-Generated Content

At SOCCER VS, we always want to include our community in the development of our game. Hence, it feels natural that users should be able to participate in creating the content included on our platform. Therefore, users in SOCCER VS will be able to design their own stadiums/backgrounds, kits, and cosmetics. They can send these concepts to the development team as art proposals. If deemed desirable, these art proposals will be included as items that can be earned as rewards in game. If any art developed by a user is included in the game, the original creator will receive royalties on the future sales of those items. We believe that this is a perfect combination of allowing a way to earn for users in SOCCER VS while, at the same time, involving the community in the development. The SOCCER VS team will also benefit from getting support in the creation of innovative and powerful visual experiences. How users are going to be able to submit art proposals has not yet been determined, but we hope to be able to provide a builder tool for stadiums/backgrounds, kits, and other cosmetics. This is a long-term vision of ours and might not be in place in the early stages of the game.