True Digital Ownership

Gamers have been trading in-game virtual currencies, items, skins, and accounts for real money for a long time. The real-money trading market for gaming is so large that there are even companies providing dedicated escrow services to help facilitate these peer-to-peer transactions. Using these services presents a big risk for users, as they could end up losing all of their assets. In most games, these activities are also prohibited, violating end-user license agreements. Users caught engaging in these activities are likely to be banned and deprived of their assets.
At SOCCER VS, we take the opposite approach and instead acknowledge our users’ rights and demand for a secondary market for in-game assets. We believe the timing is right and the technology is mature enough to create a game in which we promote peer-to-peer trading of in-game assets. Assets will be fully owned by users, not by us.
Our strong belief is that a long-term sustainable economic structure should benefit all involved parties: gamers, developers, and other actors in the ecosystem. Therefore, SOCCER VS will be a free-to-play title in which in-game assets are also earned for free. We will not rely on microtransactions like many other free-to-play games but instead allow users to trade the assets they earned for free and receive royalties from the secondary marketplace. We want to be transparent with our business model, as we believe it is fair and built on sound principles that do not put users at any risk. Buying any assets from other users in the marketplace is completely optional, and contrary to many other games, when you buy something, you know exactly what you are paying for and can even resell it in the future. Part of the royalties collected from the marketplace will be distributed to a community treasury (read more below), which will be fully distributed back to the community through different types of rewards.